A Mad Tea-Party
Sharon ojou-sama is having a tea-party - and If you are patient enough, Reim-san will bring some pastries too. How about a lollipop in the meanwhile?
Strawberry Sundae Flan de Chocolate Rainbow Macaroons Red Velvet Cake Candy Apples

My new painting.

awwww look at how beautiful it is


Fragment: Jasmine {Break x Sharon}

A roar.

A cold breeze.

A salty taste in the air before him.

Silently, he revealed his smile to the dark vault of the sky – dark, he supposed, because of the night: the only moment of the day when his eyes could pretend they were not blind.

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♕ Xerxes have you ever heard the human heartbeat? Don't you think it's the warmest sound of the world? M-my heartbeat? N-no why do you think I miss a heartbeat? I just... Well maybe I love... Non only the way you look at me but... the way you make me feel And... You.


The growth of Sharon Rainsworth. Undoubtedly she has gotten more mature looking~ #pandorahearts #sharonrainsworth

♕ Am I pretty? ♖ S-Sharon-sama you... *blushes* ♘ Yay hands up for Emily-chan!


the boredom never endsssss ; u ;

i can't stop looking at it it's hypnotic I love this effect the power of three will set us free my ot3

coloring by  l original 

♕ It's simply adorable I love how you colored it Please do others Sharon coloring manga coloring beautiful Sharon Rainsworth Pandora Hearts ♕ You was a morose Xerx-nii not a smile or a shining gaze But lucky us now you're so beautiful to watch I-I mean to see I don't watch you *blushes* ♖ You're ever was an idiot you always laughed at me it's unfair


Macaron wedding cake

♕ Do you know I love French sweets? they're so glamorous Ne ne Xerx-nii Guess which flavor I want what's your favorite? ♕ Oh please Xerx-nii please Do we have a tea party? I want a cake like this And I want to eat it all Maybe I'd give you a slice


{Italian Version: X}

The Slow Dance of the Infinite Stars

The light blue chiffon swished faintly on her ankles.

As she walked, slow and determined, she looked like a somnambulist. The light of the moon caressed her cheeks and, by dint of her head which tilted from time to time, it seemed as if the celestial body itself was whispering her what to do. But then - she thought -  she did not need the advice of the moon. She was perfectly conscious of the moves she was to perform - her mind had staged them for her a million times.

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♕ Even thousands years after our time I'll be with you forever Even thousands lives after our lives I'll love you forever Do you think I'm too sentimental? ♕ Aren't they temptive? Xerx-nii read that recipe and try to make me cookies like these Please Am I a capricious child? ♖ W-well maybe I can try to cook these cookies for you two Everybody knows Xerx isn't a skilled pastry chef nor a candymaker at least he's a candyeater